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Kelly Balloons offers balloon decorating services for any occasion. We work with our customers to bring the "pintrest" party to life. 

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Organic "Tree" balloon arch for entryway

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Smart Balloon Practices to protect the environment


 Every industry has its standards and the party industry is no exception. We choose to meet and exceed those standards by guaranteeing happy customers and also by following Smart Balloon Practices: 

•Selling balloons secured to a weight. • Not releasing foil balloons into the air. 

•Encouraging others to supervise young children’s play with balloons.

 • Popping and disposing of old balloons properly 



Q: How much does this cost?

A: All balloons are different and every party is different so cost is based on many factors. 

Q: My child has a latex allergy, Can I still get balloons for their party?

A: Yes. There are different types of non latex balloons available.

Balloon Fun Facts



  • Qualatex latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex — not plastic. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard!
  • Latex balloons come from rubber trees. Latex is collected by cutting the tree’s bark, then catching the latex in a cup. Latex harvesting doesn’t hurt the tree!
  • Latex balloons are Earth-friendly! Rubber trees grow in rain forests. Latex harvesting discourages deforestation because latex-producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for up to 40 years!
  • If the sound of a balloon popping startles you, you’re not alone. A bursting balloon actually creates a small sonic boom! Once a hole is made in an inflated balloon, the quick release of the balloon’s energy, or air, causes the hole to grow at almost the speed of sound in rubber. Since this speed is much higher than the speed of sound in air, the hole in the balloon actually breaks the sound barrier, creating a sonic boom.
  • Balloons were invented in 1824, the same year as the electromagnet.
  • Pioneer manufactures nearly one billion Qualatex latex balloons per year.
  • Helium-filled balloons float because helium is lighter than nitrogen and oxygen, the two components of air.
  • For 100 years, Qualatex balloons have celebrated big events worldwide — from American political conventions to Korean television specials.